InspIration through bible scripture and devotionals

Book Resources

There are a number of devotional books available. These may purchased through the links provided or ordered from the church office upon request.

Holy Bible

Select from various versions and translations including New International Version (NIV), King James Version (KJV), New Living Translation (NLT), Christian Standard Bible (CSB) and others.


Quiet Time Bible

Do you want to discover the riches of Scripture and draw closer to God? The Quiet Time Bible Guide helps you dig into Scripture for yourself, developing a deeper and stronger relationship with God in the process. Available through bookstores or order online.

Online Resources

Here are a few online resources to get you started. There are literally thousands of online devotional websites to choose from. Click links below.





Smartphone Apps

Devotional apps for your phone are a convenient way to access study and prayer guides any time and any where. Convenient daily reminders, too.

Holy Bible App

Bring the beauty and truth of the Bible into everyday life. With the YouVersion Bible App, you can read, watch, listen, and share on your smartphone or tablet, and online at

Our Daily Bread App

The Our Daily Bread app is a great tool to connect with God throughout your day. Some of the all new features in the app include: Read or Listen. Read Our Daily Bread devotionals online or offline. Grow through daily scripture insights.

The She Reads Truth app is a Bible-reading tool designed for women — to encourage them to read God’s Word daily. Designed with this community in mind, the She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional is a beautiful, functional, and accessible Bible-reading tool created to help women from around the world to connect with God's Word and each other, anytime and anywhere.

She Reads Truth App                                                  She Reads Truth Website

The He Reads Truth app is a Bible-reading tool designed for men — to meet men where they are and encourage them to read God’s Word daily. Purpose: To help men become who we were made to be, by doing what we were made to do, by the power and provision that God has given us to do it, for the glory of Jesus Christ. (smartphone app, online and email subscription)

He Reads Truth App                                                     He Reads Truth Website