Music Ministry

     Since God is the one who gives people talents, we believe it’s our responsibility to use those talents to honor Him. Talents like music and worship, which help people connect with God.

WORSHIP CHOIR: The Worship Choir is for men and women 16 years and up. Practice is on Wednesday nights from 7:30 – 8:30. There are special opportunities for choir members including solos, group performances, the holiday cantatas and other special events.

PRAISE TEAM: The praise team enhances the 11:00 worship service by singing with the congregation and the praise band. The praise team is comprised of Choir members and are rotated weekly.

PRAISE BAND: The praise band members accompany the 11:00 worship service congregation and Praise Team Members. The praise band practices in the Sanctuary on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 – 8 pm.

CHILDREN’S CHOIR: Singing opportunities for all ages of children from four-year-olds through 6th-graders.

HANDBELL CHOIR: A wonderful performance opportunity for persons 18 and older. Rehearsals are scheduled to prepare for special events and performances.

To learn more or to become a part of our Music Ministry, contact:

Macky Kyle, Minister of Music
at (910) 944-1421, or via
email: [email protected]